Max and Del did everything together. They bought the same bikes, wore the same clothes, and competed with one another as best friends often do in high school. As their summer together looms on the horizon, and the school year comes to an end, their friendship is tested when Max realizes their blue-collar upbringing in New Athens provides a life of limitations he didn’t imagine. His only escape from it is in his true feelings for Annika, Del’s girlfriend, who he can’t be with. To prevent any wrongdoing, Max forms a simple plan: to find a way to escape his working a class destiny after high school for something greater than what’s in Milltown.

Man and Lake

Matt BrandtMatt Brandt

Debut novelist Matthew Brandt provides an unflinching and realistic look at coming-of-age on the working-class landscape of America. His personal experiences growing up as the youngest of six in a challenging home in Milwaukee, WI, provide the inspirations for his work as a writer. Brandt holds a Master’s Degree in telecommunications from The University of Colorado, Boulder, and he currently lives in Gilroy, CA, with his family.