“The Boy from the Forge is a coming-of-age story that skillfully combines nostalgia for friendship, first loves, and choosing one’s path into adulthood…Max’s moments of internal dialogue about how to move forward in life are true to the difficult choices teenagers face.”

Foreward Reviews
“…wide-ranging observations intrinsic to the story made by the teen characters (about art, beliefs, parents, teachers, love, secrecy, adult hypocrisy, future plans) ring true, as does the author’s vivid depictions…”

Kirkus Reviews
“…an excellent study in character writing and descriptive environment about mischief and romance, relationships and revenge. It tugs at the heartstrings, gently.”
“Brandt’s strength lies in his descriptive power.”

BlueInk Reviews

“Can you imagine doing something for twenty years? That’s longer than we’ve been alive… If you want to do something with your life, you have to get off that island of yours and do it.”
Matt Brandt, The Boy from the Forge

Man and Lake

Matt BrandtMatt Brandt

Novelist Matthew Brandt provides an unflinching and realistic look at coming-of-age on the working-class landscape of America. His personal experiences growing up as the youngest of six in a challenging home in Milwaukee, WI, provide the inspiration for his work as a writer. The Boy from the Forge, is book one of The Forge series. Brandt holds a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications from The University of Colorado, Boulder, and he currently lives in Gilroy, CA, with his family.

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